Debauchery at it’s finest!

That is the best way to describe this past weekend, which was just insane! Feels like my weekend was a week long. The madness begun on Friday and ended yesterday and despite the craziness, the following are the discoveries, lessons, thoughts and sentiments from the events that unfolded:

  • If you want guaranteed fun, crash a party.
  • Do not mix drinks, do not ignore this statement!
  • Heels, short skirts and dresses, wedges are all unwise wardrobe choices for rugby.
  • Awkward moments come and go, and afterwards they just make great stories.
  • Everybody is somebodies ex.
  • I am so weak yet strong willed at the same time.
  • You can tell when someone is up to no good, yet you still find yourself drawn to them.
  • Every time I interact with you, I realize that I made the best decision.
  • Safari Sevens had eye candy galore! I have never seen so many beautiful men #swoon.
  • First impressions sometimes can be false. Give people more chances, you will discover they are awesome.
  • My ego was really massaged this weekend, I am such a pretty girl but do i say 😉
  • I had missed looking up at someone, and being on tipy toes.
  • I was meant to be on my best behavior, but i ended up seriously misbehaving he he he.
  • People who are not so easy on the eye, make up for it by being extremely charming.
  • Those biceps, that torso……
  • Moving Safari Sevens to Nyayo Stadium was the best decision ever, VIP all the way, though I am currently tres broke, but it was well worth it.
  • The signs are everywhere, you just have to have a keen eye, do not ignore them.
  • Some men are such leeches, why get married if you know you will just creep around?
  • Some women take too much bull from men.
  • Do not accept to eat ‘food’ from places you do not know.
  • Sharing is caring 🙂
That, in a nut shell is a round up of the goings on of my weekend. It may not make sense to you, but it does to me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Debauchery at it’s finest!

  1. And some of us can comfortably stand somewhere and get inebriated to good enough levels then stagger home. All done while alone. Unrelated, what were the effects on Monday morning?

    • But who supports you when you are staggering by yourself??
      Monday was surprisingly not bad, I managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep, the memories of the funtimes helped me survive the day.

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