1st of the month

What a fantastic start to November, the sun is shining so brightly, it could only be a sign of amazing things to come.

October Highlights

October was a spectacular month, met some fantastic new people, discovered some really cool places to hang out and pass time at. Took my cousin shooting, which was lots of fun as documented here.

October was more about partying than adventures, I need more ideas on what cool adventures to embark on, so feel free to hit me up with some.

So yes, I went out a lot, did  a lot of dancing and mingling which was cool. Celebrated with my friends on their birthdays, kicked it with my pals on random days, sampled cocktails, oogled at pretty men, attended exclusive parties, it’s been real October 🙂

I became an aunty this month once again, though I have not met my niece yet, I am certain she is nothing but precious.

We celebrated my mother’s birthday too, we had a wonderful dinner which she loved. I pray she is blessed with many more years to come.

I got my cheap thrills from certain characters 😉

I had last week off and I had such a lovely time. Vegetated in bed, frolicked at all the major malls, got to hang out with my family and friends, watched enough tv to fry my brains go figure, no wonder back to work has been so difficult.

October Downsides

My wallet got stolen last week 😦 My ID and my Chinese symbol silver stud went with it. The wallet is more of a purse, red in color, designed by Gucci, a gift from my aunt 😦

I got most of my cards back but I had to go apply for another ID in Kibera which was pretty fast. Now I have to wait to go collect the card.

October Discoveries

Al Shabaab and this whole thing of Kenya invading Somalia, we are all on red alert right now which is quit unnerving.

I discovered I have to be careful about the things I say and who I  chose to say them too. Trust no one…

I do not like being smothered, my folks have raised me to be independent, they let me be.

When it comes to men, I do not want to settle. If you want me, come get me. If I want you, I have not decided if I will come after you yet :p this only applies to available men.

What I look forward to in November

I am still debating about whether I will go for Safaricom 7s or not…

I look forward to more fun times 🙂

I think I want to participate in NaNoWriMo, still deciding if I can hack writing 50,000 words in 30 days, but I will give it a short, you should too 🙂

How was October for you? What are you looking forward to in the month of November?

Candy and kisses,

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