For some strange reason, I always seem to attract the wrong kind of guys. By wrong I mean the taken ones, owned by people I know or previously belonged to them.
Honestly this trend is beginning to disturb me a lot. Why can’t I just attract normal available men only?
What is wrong with these men? Why are they drawn to me knowing I know the people they have been with? Or does that not matter?
Ok fine, it is sorta flattering but that is the last thought on my mind. I just feel guilty, and sad that they are wasting other girls time.
I also met an acquaintance, he got married too soon, and now he claims he is separated. We all knew he was not the marriage type, how come he did not? He is now back to his skirt chasing ways.
I got wind of more people who are expecting this week. I am no longer drinking tap water lol. How much are condoms by the way? Or is it that they do not work anymore?
Has everyone decided this is the right time to procreate and I never received the memo? (Not that I would jump on that band wagon, but if I was kept in the loop I would stop getting so shocked)
On a different note, I feel like things have changed. I am no longer looking forward to December anymore, simply because I do not know what our state of mind or situation will be…
So yeah, many things have made me smh.

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