yadda yadda yadda

Dance and House music has taken over my life! Listening to it just makes me happy and excited, I am totally loving it!

If there is something I have noticed about myself, it is the fact that I lack patience, it is a virtue that I keep praying for profusely. Let us hope that prayer will be answered soon, because I need it in this line of work.

So Kenya has supposedly gone to war with Somalia,  and that right there totally freaks me out. We are already hearing about Al Shabab planning to attack tall buildings in Nairobi and what not.  It is such a sad situation and I am really fearing for our country. God’s speed to all of our noble troops, may God be with them and let this not escalate like the war in Iraq.

Lately, I seem to be discovering people I know are expecting children or have become parents, or are getting engaged. This is all truly overwhelming!! Every day it is a new surprise, I wonder why I am still getting shocked about it. I just hope this does not result in me getting unnecessary pressure to jump the broom, create a bun in the oven etc I have always known that I may not necessarily be the marriage type, now what is concerning is that other people agree with me smh. Anyhoosmu, only God can judge me and he knows what my future holds.



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