The shooting range

I finally am getting around to doing the post on my at the shooting range. This was not my first visit there, I had been there like 2 or 3 years ago with some of my mates.

We were there to shoot air pistols, and the charges are 42o Kshs if you are not a student. This caters for 3 Bulls eye’s and 30 rounds of bullets.

Air Pistol

Bulls eye

The bullets

The range

So the bulls eyes are mounted on the strings and you determine how far you want your target to be while you are shooting.

The instructor guides you on how to use the air pistol, which is a bit heavy. He shows you the proper way to hold it, and how to use the view finder to determine where to shoot the target.

While shooting, you are required to stand below the yellow line you can see on the range in the picture above, with your legs in a 9 o’clock position, but your body facing frontwards.

You are meant to shoot 10 rounds on each bulls eye. Here is one of my good shots.

Essentially you are meant to hit the black circle of the bulls eye, so the more shots you hit there, the higher the score you get.

There is another range for revolvers or whatever real guns are called. The room is sound proof and has bigger bulls eyes than the ones for the air pistols.

The walls are line with egg trays to make the room sound proof. The sound of a gun being shot is super loud, it felt like I  had busted my ear drums! They provide ear muffs to cushion the sound and protect your ears. The orange bucket you see down there is filled with bullet casings, I wanted to collect some to make something but it is illegal if you are found with bullet casings and you are not licensed to own a fire arm.

I had the privilege of shooting this here gun, and the instructor tricked me and it just went off! I thought I was practicing how to shoot without a bullet, shock on me!

This gun is much lighter, and easier to handle than the air pistol. It is soo cool cocking it, makes you feel so gangster. Thanks to CSI I was busy thinking to myself, ‘My hands have gun residue.’ :p cheap thrills.

But after that experience, I never ever want to be shot with a gun, it is like really loud and I am sure it would be an extremely painful experience. Forget what they say, guns kill people!

Photos courtesy of my brand spanking new camera 🙂


31 thoughts on “The shooting range

  1. #GoodStuff. I think it will make for an interesting date place 🙂 Has it been 4SQ’d yet so that I don’t have to ask thousands of people for the directions? 🙂

    Nice pictures though.

    • I have noticed how you have become quite the ladies man 😉 yeah take them there.
      I have never used 4sq, so I have no idea. It is at the drive for Psys LA, pass the shopping centre, take the corner and voila you are there.

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    • i think they are, not sure about sundays though. There is no requirement as far as i know. You just walk in and tell them you want to shoot.

    • hey Lulu. I am trying to visit this place this weekend. were you able to find out what the prices are? and if you have to book in advance?

      • Hi Lulu and Ciiku. Did you go? What are the charges? Does one have to have a gun? What are the other requirements?

      • Hi Debra, they have guns at the range, all you need to go with is probably your ID, if you have a school one go with it coz i think you will get a discount. I dont remember the charges though..

  3. Am taking a lady there soon, if she doesnt spread her legs for that, I am not taking her for bungee jumping which is more expensive, Zip glidin

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