Cheers to the freaking weekend!

I definitely drank to that this past weekend, but no Jameson, I cannot stand brown stuff. But that was on Friday, met up randomly with my gals at various spots, shared great stories, and had plenty of good laughs.

On Saturday, went to the shooting range, look out for a post I will do soon on that. A friend had a party that I went for, got to see people I had not seen in years, and met a few new ones too.

I discovered how small the world is, like it is smaller than I thought. My mind literally pooped bricks! But it was definitely an interesting revelation.

It seems like I am the only one who is wary about getting married, people are getting engaged, and planning weddings all around me. Is it me with the warped sentiments on marriage, or is everyone else just more daring and willing to take the leap?

This weekend 2 people, which was just one too many, asked me why a pretty girl like me is single? Like it was something unfathomable and they could not imagine why that was my current status. I have talked about this irrelevant question before, and I still do not have the perfect answer because I do not think this is something I can answer. No I am not waiting for ‘The one’ because I do not believe such a phenomenon exists. I have not found the right man? Maybe that answer may suffice, if I knew how to identify the right man and what characteristics he should have. *shrugs* For now, the honest answer would be, I am single by choice until I figure out whether I do not want to be anymore…

One of these people prying into my life was some man I met, who was shocked by the fact that I do not dream about weddings and all that hulla balloo. He tried to portray himself as a happily married, responsible husband, yet he keeps calling me -_-. I am definitely going to kill that story immediately!

I also witnessed what I think is a very unhappy, dysfunctional couple. My 2 cents is, if you are unhappy with someone, just leave them and live your life (eeeeehhh eeeehhh eeeehhh *Rihanna voice*)

Then met someone who was with his girlfriend, and he proceeded to tell me how he was thinking of ending things because there are so many beautiful women out here *rolls eyes*. I am so sure many other people think in the same line, I think if the variety is too much, do not get committed to one person, if you know you wanna sample other ‘spices’.

On a totally unrelated story, it is so not cool when people contribute to other people’s first impressions of you. I was really exposed by my friends ha ha ha which was so below the belt.

This weekend I got exactly what I wanted, it was unbelievable because I never thought it would be feasible really, second time around 😉 But I got it and it was amazing, cannot stop thinking about it!

I also had to drive for a long distance in Saturday night’s downpour, it was very scary but I got to my destination in one piece, think I am getting a good handle on this driving thing.

In a nutshell, my weekend was sensational, definitely a great start to October 🙂



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