1st of the month

This is going to be a spectacular month by the looks of things 🙂

September Highlights

Earth Dance was a great way to start the month, the ultimate dance party of the year!

I fulfilled a couple of my hearts desires this month. I did not kiss a giraffe, but it licked my hands, does that count? :p

I finally bought a new camera, it is not a big snazzy looking one, it is nice, small and compact, and it takes awesome pictures.

I went ice skating with a friend of mine, which was part of the list, and we had such a lovely time catching up and trying not to fall down on the ice.

I also went to the shooting range with my cousin, after like 3 or so years, and it was awesome. I love how every weekend has become a promise of a new adventure, I am totally loving it.

I had a ball during my random nights out, met some very interesting people and got to kick it with them.

I revived a hobby of mine, which lucky for me can generate some money. It is going well so far, and I pray I will keep up with this enthusiasm.

The best part about this month, was letting go of my past, realizing I made the best decision and moving on with my life. I have taken charge of my own happiness and it feels amazing 🙂

September Downsides

A lot of people died this past month in Kenya, which was awful.

A few of my friends got hurt this month, some by people who I totally never expected. I will not lie, I have lost faith in the fact that men have control over their actions. I am still trying very hard not to generalize, but the only way not to do that is to expect the unexpected…

September Discoveries

I am way too nice.

I have a powerful mind 🙂

Life is good and I deserve nothing but the best.

I have unfinished business with certain people, my curiosity will never end till it is finished.

What I look forward to in October

I am tres excited about Nairobi Fashion Market, even if I am already so broke, I hope I will get to go for it.

Kenyatta day is on Thursday \o/ the new constitution just had to rob us of Moi day smh.

I think I might celebrate halloween this year, let us see if I will be in the mood…

Finally, my mummy is turning 50 this month, and I need to think up something phenomenal to do for her. If you have any ideas, I am all ears.

How was September for you? What are you looking forward to in October?

Kisses and cookies,


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