Ice Princess

I love weekends especially now that I have made it a habit to do something new, fun and interesting whenever I get a chance. This past weekend I went ice skating with a friend and it was so much fun. The whole idea of ice skating was frightening to be honest, since I have never really roller bladed or skated thanks to my over protective dad, so I was so sure I would suck at it. The skating rink is at Panari Sky Centre on Mombasa Road, 2nd floor next to Dream Theatres. It costs 700 Kshs to skate for an hour, the first thing you notice at the paying booth is all the rules you must observe at the skating rink. No food and drinks are allowed on the rink, no normal shoes on the ice, and other rules that I do not remember. The roller skates were definitely not what I expected, have you watched those movies where some guy’s throat was sliced using the blade of a roller skate? The blade is not as sharp, and walking on the skates is just like walking with heels on.

Walking on ice is a totally different story, it is super slippery so you have to be extra careful as you get inside the rink.

The rink

For us beginners, you are advised to hold onto the edge of the rink for dear life as you try your hand at skating. The instructor who was there advised us to skate with your feet forming a V shape and to keep your knees slightly bent. That was the end of the instructions, imagine!! He was not very helpful clearly, so we had to wing it.
The penguins on the rink are used to help you keep your balance by holding onto them.
Another instructor came onto the ice, and what a braggart, he was busy gliding over the ice like the pro he is.
He was more helpful, and he made me go skate in the centre of the ice, far away from safety.
It was a fun experience, I would love to do it again, maybe with enough practise I can be able to skate without holding on to anything.



10 thoughts on “Ice Princess

      • I wouldn’t say I’m an expert skater, but I can hold my own. I grew up in an African country that had a skating rink–Côte d’Ivoire–and I went to an American primary/secondary school, so every Friday night during middle school the coolest place to be was the skating rink. It was a lot cheaper than at Panari though…and we paid once for the whole day/night not per hour! You can do it–practice makes perfect! 🙂

      • that is way cheaper than here. Did they have many rinks?
        I am curious, how many countries have you lived in?

  1. Haha Nkirdizzle, your last question made me laugh! 🙂 Well, to answer your first question, no, they only had one skating rink. In fact it was called La Patinoire, which is “The Skating Rink” in French. To answer your second question, I’ve lived in six countries…and counting! 🙂

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