Glass Shattering, Mind boggling

Remember the episode for How I Met Your Mother where you get that glass shattering moment after you discover something about someone?

Well that was me last week, I discovered somethings which I really did not like which yet again made me loose faith in people. I wish people would put more thought into their actions and would try not to make so many mistakes. I guess to err is human so I have accepted that, but it does make me a bit afraid and sort of lost…

If people who are good can do messed up things, is there hope for anyone? Can they redeem themselves?

I met an idiot of a man this past weekend, he does not even deserve to be called a man, more of an animal nkt!

But I did get to kick it with some many cool people and I had a ball, though yesterday I was barely a human being, my body cannot handle partying like it used to before.

September seems to be crash an open bar party month, crashed a party on Friday night *thumbs up*

Turns out men who are not so easy on the eye compensate it with charm, 6 packs  and humor 🙂 I honestly can say I do not have a type because the people I seem to be drawn to are so different.

Certain things were said by someone, they were awesome to hear, but I am very skeptical about whether they will be acted upon, and if I can wait that long, but we will see…

So as I had planned, I visited The Giraffe Centre in Karen, yes I had never been there before and I was on a mission to get a nice big wet one from a giraffe, that was before I saw it’s tongue and lips!

It’s tongue is extremely long and it oozes saliva which is slimy and shiny. The tongue has a very rough texture whoch could be felt when you fed it the food pellets, which it grabbed with it’s tongue.

Not my hand :p


So that was my weekend, I am eagerly awaiting next weekend’s adventure 🙂



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