My heart’s desires

I really want to expand my world view, seek new experiences and adventures, have more fun and meet new people.

Is anyone really satisfied with the life that they have now? My life is not too shabby, I never shy away from having fun, I work hard, I have great family and friends, but I still want to experience more, to posses more things because deep down we are material beings.

I want to take control of my happiness, and so far I have been very successful, and I want to continue with the same progress.

Keeping in line with all the adrenaline inducing things I have been doing of late, today I was wondering what other cool thing I can do that is out of the norm. My first thought was I want to hug a lion, but I could not think of where I could go to do that. Then i remembered that Kirsten Bell had visited Kenya and kissed a giraffe, and I knew I must do that!

That giraffe has skills huh? 😉 I must get a nice big wet one this Saturday!! Kissing men is so overrated, unless it is to pass on the giraffe cooties :p

I need a camera, a nice, big, snazzy  one like a Canon or a Nikon which take excellent pictures.


I really need a new watch, the one that I have which was gifted is too tiny, I can never read the time especially at night. I just wear it daily because my hand is so used to having it there. I want a big watch, with thick straps and a gorgeous face, like this one.


My feet are in desperate need of a pedicure!!! I need to find time to go treat myself one of these weekends.

After Earth Dance, I want harem pants made from kangas lesos so many people had them, and they looked so cool. Peep these one’s Camp Mulla were rocking that day.

Camp Mullah at Earth Dance


I want to travel and see the world. Can you imagine I have only flown once in my entire life. In 2002 went to London for the weekend, it was my mother’s graduation. It was exciting and fun and I am dying to do it again.

I want to explore my own country, there are soo many places I have not been to, even here in Nairobi. I would like to picnic at Karura Forest, from the looks of Kurly Kichana and Nancie Mwai’s posts it looks like a beautiful place.

I want to go paint balling as well, I have not done it yet, even if my friend owns a paint balling place smh. That is on my to do list like soonest!

There is something I am praying very very hard for and I am hoping it comes through because it will literally transform my life in ways that I cannot imagine. I am so afraid of wanting it too bad that I may not get it, because that is how warped my mind it. But I really really pray it comes through.

I also want to go ice skating, which I am planning on doing next weekend with a friend who I know is reading this 🙂
I must go to a casino, I keep saying this and never doing! I can only go wit someone who will be strong enough to drag me away from the slot machines. I can never touch poker, or black jack. I suck at card games, hence why I broke my 15 year run of not throwing up the 1st day of 2011 smh.
There is a lot that I want to do, I will try my best to fulfill all of my hearts desires.

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