The weekend that was.

I partied a bit too heavily this weekend, but I had such a blast! I was meant to write this post yesterday but I was suffering too much and I never got a chance to do it.

Earth Dance was spigging fabulous!!!

That is how packed it was, the atmosphere was electric and of course everyone went all out like every 6 AM gig. I had so much fun though I never managed to make it till the end. I got home at 7am and I was too tired and cold to go on.

I saw some people drinking cough syrup like it is alcohol, that was definitely the funniest thing I saw that day.

Sunday night I was out and about again and I was prepared for all the awkward moments that eventually occurred like I anticipated.

There is this guy who keeps sending me friend requests on Facebook and I do not know who he is even if I see him a lot whenever I go out.  Every time I run into him I get freaked out and I avoid him like the plague because I do not understand why he keeps adding me even if he will not talk to me in real life. As per yesterday he rescinded his friend request, who knew that was possible?

Then some creepy dude hit on me with the worst possible lines ever! I went to my table and he just came, leaning in, encroaching on my personal space, declaring how he was going to kiss me. As in really?!
He was not awful to look at, but seriously, who does that?!
I asked him how he can just walk up to me and demand a kiss, and his response was that he is a rapist just released from prison -_-
I had to ask if he honestly thought such dumb lines would work on a girl like me. Apparently he claimed he used that line with great success the previous day, to which I responded, not every day is christmass, you can only get so lucky.
He subconsciously licked his lips, which creeped me out even more lol and I told him to stop licking his lips because it was never gonna happen!
He totally denied licking his lips (rolling my eyes) and he proceeded to suggest that we just do it, who needs all that stuff for going out, and dates. With that I took off quick fast! Some men really need prayers for real!
This weekend I realised how complete strangers are better friends than people who I have known for longer. I guess that comes with the territory post break ups *kanye shrug*.
I also realised that everyone is going through different situations, some may be doing what someone else is putting you through…
In other news, a dude I know has really become hot all of a sudden, as in he is quite something *slurp* :p
Did I mention that I was the bigger person this weekend?! Yes, I came to terms with the fact that God blessed me with a good heart without malice, vengeance or ill will. I am truly blessed with a pure heart, and there is no point loosing that to people who do not know any better. So even though people may do some dumb hurtful things, I can never do the same to them.
Anyhoosmu, my weekend was epic, got to kick it with some amazing people! Definitely a great way to kick start September!


2 thoughts on “The weekend that was.

  1. You could not figure out that I was the one who wanted that kiss 😀

    Too bad that you have never met with a wicked sense of humor like myself.

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