1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

It is a brand spanking new month, hip hop hooray 🙂

I really like this song, are we not all searching for that elusive pot of gold?

Chris Brown seems to be the golden boy for hooks nowadays, and he is doing such a great job.

August Highlights

I must admit I had a spectacular month, totally redeemed myself from the melancholiness of July.

The first weekend was just about loosing the plan, partied back to back, which was something I had not done in a while.

We went for blankets and wine where we were the full TID groupies :p

Finally got to indulge in some KFC, yes it was soo good I had to blog about it! Though I discovered the larger meals are way better than 1 piecer, 2 piecer meals, us guys bought the 12 piecer and the chicken was humongous!

I think the best term for this month was Adrenaline August, there was too much physical activities going down.

I went for a 10km bike ride, white water rafting and quad biking which were all such amazing and fun experiences.

My driving has drastically improved and my vehicular phobia is almost gone.

I am in the process of reviving something that I really love, and I really hope I can remain serious about it.

August Downsides

My body has taken a beating, it is not  used to so much activity :p But the pain is almost over.

Punctures! That is my biggest phobia now. The car got 4 punctures this month! Yes, we are looking into purchasing new tires :p

There has been a bit of drama, but all in all, this was a terrific month, all I remember is the good.

August Discoveries

The universe keeps showing me how selfish people are, people keep doing things without considering how it affects others, specifically me :p

I am not saying I will be bad or selfish, I am just saying if they insist on doing things without considering how they affect others, why should I give a hoot about how they feel?

I still get freaked out by speed, but I think I have really made good progress.

Say what you feel and speak out.

What I look forward to in September

Earth Dance \o/

To continue living my life like it is golden.


How was August for you? What do you look forward to this month?

kisses and cookies,


2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. phew (wiping sweat from my bro) . the cloud has lifted , it was practically raining in every one of your posts this month. Universe? When did the universe learn to speak , ease up on the new age iiiissshh. Glad you are on the up and up now . All the trials and tribulation you have been through have not been for naught. its built up your perseverance.

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