This must be a sign!

This may be classified as drunk blogging, though I am not drunk, despite the fact that that was today’s mission!
Today was surreal to say the least, it totally did not seem like it would end this way.
I feel like I drank tequilla which is not the case at all.
So yet again I have come to realise just how selfish people can be, and i honestly believe they do not deserve any of my goodness! You get back what you put out! If you hurt me intentionally, I will not necessarily retaliate, but I will think twice before doing nice things for you!
Shucks I just fell asleep for a minute there, you cannot blame me because it’s almost 5 am!
Anyway during the last couple of months I learnt that some people have misconstrued perceptions of who you are as a person, so they try to change you to get to fit that preconceived notion that they had.
Well this never works and nothing good comes of it.
Good riddance to bad garbage!

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