Quad biking in Lukenya

Early Saturday morning, I picked up my cousin and drove down to Lukenya which is at the outskirts of Nairobi, in Athi River. I hope you did not miss that part, where I said I drove to Lukenya! That is the furthest I have driven so far, it was fun, a bit confusing because of the road construction and kinda scary, but my cousin being there put me at ease, because he is very good at all things vehicular.

We were headed for Lukenya Motorcross for an hour of quad biking in the Lukenya hills. An hour of quad biking costs Kshs 2000 and Kshs 6000 for 5 hours. The place has about 5 quad bikes, or should I say those are the ones that we saw there. We were scheduled to bike at 11:00 am but we found a group of kids just starting so we had to wait for noon to go on the bikes, so we chilled by the pool.

Yes, the weather looked very ominous, but it worked in our favor because it did not rain, and we never did the course under the scorching sun. We got suited up in jumpsuits after we saw how dusty those kids who had ridden in the previous hour came back looking, and us guys had a party to attend in the evening so we could not afford to get too dirty. They have jumpsuits, riding jackets, riding boots and helmets for the riders.

So we got a briefing from the instructor on how to use the quad bikes.

This is a typical quad bike, a mini car with handle bars. It practically functions like a car, it is fueled with petrol. It has an ignition key between the bottom of the handle bars which you switch on. The bike has gears and you have to step on the lever clutch to switch gears from front, neutral to reverse.

The handle bars have gears just like mountain bikes, but we never touched them since the bikes were already set. The left handle bar has the ‘on button’ which you press after switching the bike on. To accelerate, there is a switch you press down on, on the right handle bar, it sort of looks like the switch for switching gears on a mountain bike. The brakes are just like for regular bikes, the left break for the back tires and the right one for the front tires.

We went for a practice run for about 5 minutes. I am not a fan of speed as you may all know so the whole time I was just winging it and screaming :p.

So we set of with the instructor in front of us on his motorbike, with me behind him and my cousin on my tail since it seemed like I was not so good at it and if I was last they were afraid they would leave me behind.

At first I kept veering off the track and into ditches before I got a handle on the bike. My thumb got so tired of accelerating, but otherwise it was quite a ride. We drove off into the hills, past a group of giraffes, and zebras, such a beautiful sight to behold.

The giraffes


We could not get too close to the animals so as not to scare them off or agitate them.

We also drove into a quarry like place, which I hated because I kept driving into dunes and getting stuck. I freaked out a lot because I felt like my bike was going to topple over so I kept putting my foot on the ground. The instructor warned me against doing that, you should never put your foot on the ground. I kept driving over shrubbery and once I was so sure my bike would flip and I would get thrown off.

The 1 hour ride felt like 2 hours, we drove up to the main road on the highway, and back into the terrain. It was an awesome experience, even for me who is terrified of speed. My cousin loved it and he vowed to try go there at least once a month.

If you like speed, adventure, adrenaline, quad biking is definitely worth trying out. Get all the information from Lukenya MotorCross.


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