The one without a title

Today I have accepted the fact that despite how much people can be inconsiderate, I cannot stoop to their level.
I will not do things knowing they may affect you negatively, that is just who I am.
Moving on swiftly, I need to know what it is that I want in my life, in my career, in man.
It is time to test that theory, of attracting what it is that I want in my life and see if it actually works. To be honest I am usually afraid of wanting things, because I rarely get what I want. Let us see if that will change.
I need something to be excited about, something to care for, something to look forward to.
There’s nothing I am passionate about, and I think that needs to change.
In other news, I am ending my man fast this Ramadhan. It was not even a fast really because you would first have to have something to refrain from right?
Well, I had nothing, or should I say no one. I just needed a time out, to heal, to forget, to grow, but none of them worked completely.
Sometimes I wish I was a serial dater, you know, those people who rarely stay single for more than a month. It is kinda weird that such people can never be alone, but you must give it up to them for always being able to draw people into their lives.
I like to refer to myself as a proverbial single girl, a serial single person. I am accustomed to being alone, sometimes I even like it, but my equilibrium is thrown off balance every time someone comes into my life, and leaves.
So here I am, not sure if I want to remain alone, the safest option. Or to be with someone, who will eventually leave and I will be right back where I am, here…
I have really digressed, in a nut shell, breaking my fast means I will embrace whatever/ whoever the world throws at me. I will try not to run away, avoid or evade.
Why am I blogging about this??!!!

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4 thoughts on “The one without a title

  1. wordpress mobile is why you are blogging about this:D :D..and also coz sometimes seeing the words helps us strengthen our resolve to do something 🙂 here is to staying open to all the awesome beauty coming your way!! xx

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