Happy 2nd birthday Revealed!!!!

Happy 2nd birthday to Media Madness!!! I saw someone sending them wishes and that is how I remembered that I started this blog in August 2009 too! hangs head in shame. There is nothing worse than forgetting a birthday, I hope my blog forgives me *puppy eyes*.

So the official anniversary was on 5th of August, and that day, 2 years ago was when I decided to blog seriously and religiously. I started blogging in 2005 and I opened many blogs and I never actually took it seriously. But I had joined twitter, and met tweeps who had been blogging forever and they motivated me to start blogging religiously.

I have always loved writing since I was a kid. My earliest memory was when I scored 20/20 on my English Composition in standard 2, and it was about a great dream I had had about a place I went to where everything was made of candy, from a chocolate river, to masala sticks grass, gum drop flowers etc. Hansel and Gratel was a great inspiration.

I used to try my hand at writing novels, they never went past chapter 2, but I still loved the process either way.

In university I interviewed for the role of editor at Campus Vybe, an online campus magazine run by East Africa Media something, the guys behind True Love, Drum at the time.  I did not get the job sadly 😦 but I was given the opportunity to be the correspondent for my uni. I got to cover events, take pictures and stuff. It was a nice experience, too bad they killed the website so I have nothing to show for it 😦

I also had the opportunity to be part of the organizing committee for the annual AIESEC magazine a few years back, and I was one of it’s editors. I was very proud of that report, I think that was the last published LEAD Magazine.

After that, I have not really had a chance to do real writing, until I started my blog. The best part about blogging is, I have loyal readers, I can track the success of the things I write and I get immediate feedback.

I would still love to have my work published in magazines or to write a book. One day it will happen. For now wordpress suffices as my trustee publisher, plus it is free.

If you would like to do a guest post on Revealed, email me nkirdizzle@gmail.com. I would love to have you on here 🙂

I would kill to be featured on the wordpress dashboard!! That would be like a dream come true. I think Truthslinger is the only kenyan blog that has ever been featured on there. He has a fantastic photo blog so it really came as no surprise.

The future for Revealed, I do not think I will register a domain just yet. Really Clueless.com would be such a lame domain name. I still consider myself really clueless, do not get me wrong, I still have a lot of living to do. I just need to get the perfect domain name and the perfect website.

I have tried in vain to put this as my header image.

As we mark post number 270, and 2 years of  blogging, I would like to thank you all for reading, subscribing, and commenting. Revealed would never have reached number 25 in Kenya according to Afrigator without you.

Me love you long time :p

Lottsa Love,


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