Follow Friday~Blog Lovin

Today I would like to turn the spotlight on cool blogs which I discovered, or which I knew about that do not get the attention they deserve, and basically just share with you stuff that I now read on a regular.

Simple Vintage Virgin

Leez rocking her lace dress

I discovered this blog this week and I loved it! Leez chronicles her love for thrift shopping, vintage and fashion. I love her outfit posts, one day I will go raid her closet soon.


Hi. I hate you all.

That was his debut post on this blog, that alone should tell you that this is a blog worth reading. He claims his blog is for all the loosers, but if you think you are a cool cat I think it is for you too. Despite the hurl of insults he hurls at us readers, he is witty and hilarious, which makes it all worth it.

That Angel Girl

Do you guys remember Me, Myself and Isis ? Well she moved on to this new blog where she shows us the cool stuff she does with her mother’s clothes, which unwillingly makes you want to raid your mothers clothes.  I love how she can make one clothing item, wearable in like five different ways. She has some really hot shoes too!


Kbaab is a lady who likes music, and writes about her fun nights out, her relationships with men and her interactions with different people. Her writing is quite captivating and is a mighty good read.


The tag line speaks for itself.

These are his musings fueled by vodka and his relations with women (I am waiting for you to ask me about this). He claims to speak on behalf of other men, sometimes. He has a way with words, that paint a mental picture in your brain. I like his blog despite the fact that it has no pictures in it and we all know that I am a visual person. As you read his blog, you can tell he has an excellent command of English, feel free to point out his grammatical errors :p He dabbles in a bit of poetry in his first posts so be sure to check those out, and encourage him to write more if you like it.

(studs and pearls)

I am a big fan of DIYs, I think it is so original when you can make your own things. This lady here has some brilliant DIY projects it is insane!

DIY studded trench coat



So there you have it my friends, brand new links to feast your eyes on. Trust me you will not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Follow Friday~Blog Lovin

    • Well you now have 2 more blogs to add onto your reading list. If you read more blogs that are not on my blog roll, feel free to recommend me some?

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