Thank God It’s Friday!!!

I need some good old rest and relaxation, this has been one hell of a week!

I am excited about

just chilling. That is all I want to do…

Today I am Feeling

like crap!! My white blood cells or whatever fights diseases has really failed me this week. I have been having stomach pains and now a cough and runny nose. My sinuses are killing me, and my nose needs a plunger o_O.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

This song is the business!!! How hot does Lupe look? yeah I think he outdoes Trey Songs in this video! The instrumentals on this track is sick!

This Weekend I

really need to get my hair did, I have been having a bad hair week! I also need to meet up with my pal, it has been too long since I saw her.

I wish

the contractors working on our road were not doing such a shoddy job. Every day it is man against the mud. Yesterday we were stuck for 2 hours!!! I also wish……..

I hope

it stops raining,and that I get better soonest.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fantabulous Friday!!!!!

Kisses and Oreos dunked in milk,


2 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!

  1. Imagine I’m also getting a cough already. This weather really sucks, I don’t like it at all.
    And yeah, Lupe looks fiiine! Have an awesome weekend babe!

    • And me? my sinuses are killing me! I am not a human being right now!! I cannot wait to get into my bed!
      have a superb one too my dear :-*

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