Watch the throne: A Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration

I like to consider myself a huge Jay-Z fan, I dig his music, his savvy business sense, his suave style, what’s not to love about him?! Though sometimes I find it difficult to defend my fandom, I know what me and Jay have is special. I discovered today that Jay-Z is Shawn and not Sean smh I need to brush up on my Jigga knowledge.

Today morning I got to listen to a track from Watch the Throne, the new album by Jay-Z and Kanye West, called Lift off featuring Beyonce and I loved it! It made me get excited about the album, and thanks to one of my tweeps I got my hands on it and it is all I have been listening to all day.

I haven’t done an album review in a minute and this is definitely an album worth reviewing.

First up, the album art is very creepy in my opinion. Looking at them kinda makes me shiver, they look like they contain some hidden message that will infiltrate your mind if you stare at it for long. There are pictures of Jigga and Ye with fangs and whiskers, and their eyes look weird 0_o. Then there is a picture of the grains of wood, which makes no sense and another one of an angel with a star on the centre of her face, very creepy looking. The first thing that came into my mind was Illuminati!! Though I have never really taken that Illuminati story seriously…

This was the only picture that was not soo weird, though it still kinda is, that was not featured in the digital booklet.


No church in the wild feat Frank Ocean and The Dream has some catchy beats, and a nice hook that you cannot help but sing along to. Without reading the credits I would have never guessed that was The Dream on the track.

Lift Off  featuring Beyonce is hands down my favourite track. It is such a catchy, feel good track. A number of talented people are behind this song. Kanye West produced it; Q-tip and Pharell have also been credited as co-producers. Additional production was done by Don Jazzy, repping for Africa, plus he also provided additional vocals together with Seal and Mr Hudson. The lyrics for this song make no sense to me, apart from the hook. Either way I love it!

N**as in Paris is the 3rd track in this LP was actually recorded in Paris. There is just something about this song, Jay-Z and Kanye sound awesome.

Despite the fact that Otis was released earlier, today was when I got to finally hear it. I also had the opportunity to listen to Otis freestyles by DMX and Busta, and Tinie Tempah (his was my favourite). It is definitely a big tune, featuring Otis Redding and contains samples from James Brown. I heard the Games Otis diss track and he has nothing over these guys.

Jay is chilling, Ye is chilling, what more can I say??

James Brown has been sampled once again on Gotta Have it, a Neptunes produced track. Kid Cudi provides additional vocals for this joint. This song never really caught my attention.

I really like the lyrics of New Day, Jay and Kanye talk about how they will raise their sons and the kind of lives they want for them.

‘See, I just want ‘em to have an easy life, Not like Yeezy life,

Just want ‘em to be someone people like’

Don’t want ‘em to be hated all the time judged

Don’t be like your daddy that would never budge.’

‘Sins of a father make your life ten times harder’

That’s my B**** This song is so catchy, it is already stuck in my head.

‘I’ve been waiting for a long, long time / Just to get off and throw my hands up high / And live my life, and live my life / Just to get off and throw my hands up high.’

I am really feeling the Swizz Beats produced, Welcome to the jungle. Love how Jigga and Ye spit, though I feel like the song is too short.

Who gon stop me is track number 9, which has additional vocals by Mr Hudson, Verse Simmonds and Swizz Beats. I really dig the instrumentals on this track.

Murder To Excellence which as Jay-Z says is a celebration of black excellence. The song talks about violence against black people and encourages blacks to reach the levels of O (whom I assume is Oprah) and Will smith.

‘Praise the Lord / You the girl that Jesus had been saving me for / So let’s savor this moment / And take it to the floor / Black excellence.’

Kanye is at it again with his cockiness on Made in America with Frank Ocean featured yet again on the hook.

‘Ni**as hustle every day for a beat from Ye / What I do? Turn around gave them beats to Jay / And I’m rappin’ on the beat they was supposed to buy / I guess I’m getting high off my own supply .’

Why I Love you featuring Mr Hudson has a rock feel to it, and Jay-Z totally kills it! If people take/took you for granted this song is definitely for you. I especially like the dialog Hov and Ye have going towards the end of the song.

Watch the Throne, I must say I was not really anticipating it, maybe that is why I am really feeling it. Kanye West has produced majority of the songs on this album, James Brown seems to have been an influence as they sampled a couple of his songs.

If I was to award this album stars, Id give it 3 stars out of 5.



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