Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

Who does not love the fact that the week is over?

I am excited about

KFC opening soon, I finally confirmed it. Yes, food is the only exciting thing right now. Otherwise I am taking whatever life throws at me.

Today I am Feeling

a whole lot of emotions. I was upset when I left the house, then I became easy, now I am just there…

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I have heard a lot about this song and I finally got to hear it this morning. It is pretty cool, I especially love that slap he is given at the end of the video ti hi hi.

This Weekend I

have a family gathering, plus I must grow a pair to face some people I do not feel like seeing to be honest, but anyhoo like I always say, awkward moments always pass… meh *kanye shrug*

I am really craving


I wish

people would be considerate of others. I keep learning day by day, that people do not give a damn how I feel, even though I am always aware of how my actions would make them feel. I re-iterate, it is not worth it being nice, nice people finish last!

I hope

I can let go of everything that’s happened and just live my life like it is golden.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!!


2 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!!

  1. Friday! Yeah………not! Got no psyche for the weekend!
    KFC is opening? When and where …yum yum for the tummy!
    You seem to be on a roll, I don’t know which people you have around you but do what you have to to set things right!
    And don’t give credence to that cliche, nice guys don’t finish last.

    • yeah KFC is opening up at Galleria and the Junction, dunno when though.
      I think I need to see more nice people winning *read as I need to win some more*

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