My 5 Links

The usual suspect Kawi tagged me to do my 5 links, the hardest tag ever!! I had to go through the list of all my posts, most of which I do not remember writing lol. Not to mention how hard these criteria are *wipes brow*. Anyhoosmu let me give this a shot.

My most popular post:

So my question is, what defines popularity? Most hits? Most comments? I am guessing most hits, and if that is so, Drizzy Drake has garnered 15,507 hits. The world seems to be crazy about Drake.

I think the next celebrity I should write about is Justin Bieber, imagine how many hits he would get me?

Let us see how many hits this pic gets me :p

Posts that did not get the attention it deserved

I put a lot of thought into writing Chipsability Matrix and I really wanted to get everyone’s input on it. So go on, give it a read, and see if you can identify with it or if you disagree with my observations.

Post whose success surprised me

More than friends got some really good feedback from the readers, not just my usual loyal ones commented. (Big up my loyal readers, you know yourselves :-*)

My most controversial post

I wrote 21st May 2011~ The end of the world?? in March, and come the eve of ‘Judgement day’ I got soo many hits *winning* and some very hilarious comments.

Post I am most proud of

First up, I must say that I am generally proud of this blog. It has seen me through awesome and trying times. Writing is an outlet for me, and it is great that people read and share their opinions too.

1st of the month posts are basically chronicles of my life. Reading back on them now reminds me about stuff I do not even remember doing or feeling, and brings back many memories and lessons that I need to remember.



There you have it, My 5 links 🙂





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