Weekend Musings

Can you truly ever know someone completely and totally?
How long do people keep up impressions they have created?
I think we are never truly ourselves when we first meet people. Everyone wants to be liked, so we do things that we think will draw others to ourselves, and we hide the things we know would be disliked or frowned upon.
But these things will not remain hidden forever, they eventually reveal their ugly heads. So now it is upon these people to accept us for who we are, try (if they have the heart or time) to make us change, or leave if they decide they cannot put up with this new ugly side they have just discovered.
Since this almost always happens when humans interact, why not hold off on getting emotionally attached with others till you are sure you know as much as you can about someone?
(This is where you refer to the question I first asked)
Confusing ain’t it? 🙂
Sadly, I think it will not be easy for me to be truly myself with someone, but that is a sappy story I am not sure I want to share.. We will see.
Totally unrelated, I have been forced to change. I am usually very mindful of others, maybe even too much!
There are so many things I haven’t done simply because I am afraid it will rub them the wrong way, I do not wanna rub stuff in their faces, or I am afraid of being judged. I have no idea why the hell I am this way.
Anyhoosmu I realised being mindful of others is pointless because no one ever takes my feelings into consideration. Some people even do things deliberately targeted at me, because they know I will be affected.
Anyway it is now time for a new beginning. Screw everyone else, I will do me, forget them!
I had a very interesting weekend, it was fun, though it took a toll on my being in general. So many revelations, and trying to adjust to them will be a task.
Here is to a brand spanking new week. Praying it will be delightful and spectacular!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Musings

  1. I agree, most people put up a facade when their around others, and what you get to interact with is a representative of the real self. Sucks! But as you pointed out time does tell all.
    Btw why the forceful change? Will it make you happier, better or simply offer temporary relief, a quick fix?
    Why not define your boundaries , learn when to say yes and how to say no! Get rid of those trolls and nay Sayers clogging your path? Simply my two cents ..

    • That was more like your 1000 shillings 🙂 Thanks.
      This needs to change because i keep holding things back because I am afraid of how it will affect people. I have to stop living in fear, this is the primary reason.

      • love , kindness , and lots of things nice , just some of the fab things that make you unique. will they fade away as you change to be more assertive and take control of your life?

      • I do not think they will, some things are intrinsic and can never change. Though sometimes it just seems like nice people finish last..

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