1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

July Highlights

This past Saturday I  had the pleasure of seeing other great bands performing live like Dove Slim, Camp Mullah and Muthoni the drummer queen who were all absolutely awesome.

Celebrated birthdays with my cousins and my close friends which was quite something.

July Downsides

This was not a very nice month, hence why I had to wrack my brains trying to think of what was good about it. Which sucks because July’s are usually the funnest and craziest months.

The biggest downside of this month was the passing of my grandad, I think the worst moment was seeing his casket being lowered into the ground, and how was my mother and her siblings were.  On the bright side, I have a new angel watching over me 🙂

I cried a lot this month, so many tears, I think I am all cried out now. I was always sad, and everything triggered tears. I am so glad that seems to be over now, and every day I pray for a smile.

I am still adjusting to certain situations in my life, ok just one so I was coming to terms with that loss gain. I am slowly getting over it, but I know eventually I will get there.

My vehicular phobia is kind of back, thanks to some idiotic driver under the influence. I was also an idiot entering a car subaru brrrr driven by someone that I do not know, and being encouraged to speed by his friends. Do not drink and drive is something that many of us take for granted, even though sooo many lives have been lost as a result. Anyway we came really close to over turning, and hitting a wall. We did a 360 degree turn on the road, and immediately the car stopped I got out of the car.  A lady who we had overtaken earlier stopped and gave us a ride.  I truly believe God sent us a guardian angel, and she was that angel.  Since that day,  am back to freaking out when someone speeds, or emergency brakes, and I am wary of being driven by people I do not know (and the way I am accustomed to cabbing smh).

July Discoveries

Do not drink and drive.

Speed kills.

Being selfish seems like the in thing, so I am joining that band wagon. No more putting other peoples needs before mine.

Adele is stalking me.

I may never be the same again..

What I look forward to in August

Joy, happiness, many smiles, random awesome things.

Change in lifestyle.

Adrenaline rush, I have a fun activity coming up this month and I am tres excited.


How was the month of July for you? What are you looking forward to this August?

Kisses and oreos,



6 thoughts on “1st of the month

    • And be sure I will keep evading them, I enjoy basking in the proposals 🙂 unless you can guarantee that I will still get the attention if i said yes, and if you back it up with a magnificent ring!

  1. selfish is most def not the way to go . am sure you haven’t exhausted your options yet. am glad your safe and sound , for sure you do have an angel watching over you. lesson learnt i pray.

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