When what you have been dreading, happens..

I went for the bbq that I was looking forward to on Friday, and it rocked. The house was more beautiful than I imagined.

Though I did feel sort of socially awkward, socialising was a task though the men there made it easier. I doubt I spoke to any chic that I did not know.

It also felt weird, being there by myself, the lone ranger, when so many people had coupled up. I am still adjusting to not being part of a pair anymore, and third wheeling is just the pits, totally sucks!

I indulged in sangria and some sweet white wine, and by the time I got home, I was sorta tipsy, and my head was spinning.

Little did I know that at that time my grandfather was lying in his hospital bed dying -_-

My mother woke me up on Sunday morning, and I just knew that he had left us.

I never expected him to die so soon, I thought that he would at least have a few weeks to go. But he was really suffering, and I am sure he was happy to relinquish everything and head towards the light.

I think after we bury him I can finally be in peace, with nothing bad to look forward to, and actually have the heart to hope for something good to happen.

I feel like my luck will change, and that awesome things are in store for me.

For now I just pray for courage and strength for my family as we lay to rest one of the pillars of our family, and pray that his memory and spirit will keep us together.




16 thoughts on “When what you have been dreading, happens..

  1. May your grandfather rest in peace. Maybe they’ll meet up with my grandpa and crack old people’s jokes… okay maybe that’s not funny.

    Praying to God to give you strength.

  2. Sigh! Death sucks! Wish i could go one on one with Death, I have words for him! I pray the Lord shows Himself as the God of comfort for you and your family at this difficult time!

  3. May God give you guys give all the strength and comfort you need at this time. It’s the worst feeling to loose anyone who you love.

    As for something awesome coming…yup yup! Ninakuombea 🙂

  4. Sorry hun. Losing a loved one hurts. Grandpas are cool and it’s so sad when they have to go. But the awesome thing is that he lived a good long life… so it’s about celebrating his life, plus he is no longer in pain. You are right-joy comes in the morning. Something good is definitely in store for you. *hugs*

  5. Thankyou for posting this and the previous one whea yu wished cancer had a cure, we buried mum last Friday after a long and very painful fight wit Ca breast… And you’re right it is indeed a relieve when you have nothing bad to look foward to anymore… GOD rest their souls in eternal Peace.

    • I am soo sorry for your loss, I pray that the Lord comforts you and gives your family peace. We can only hope that they are at a better and happier place in heaven.

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