The Fighting

Today  is one of those days where I keep spotting or stumbling across things that remind me of what is wrong with my world. It doesn’t help that I am hormonal so all these sightings make me tear up and I have to open my eyes really wide so that I do not drop any tears.



The greatest source of my sorrow grab a seat, pull a chair because I am about to divulge actual details about myself, is my grandfather.

My maternal grandfather is my single surviving grandparent. He is ninety something years old, and his name is Edward, and he has this dark ebony skin, piercing gray eyes and long dark curly hair that reaches the nape of his neck. by virtue of this I am hoping my children will be blessed with all of his beauty.

He always has the wisest things to say to us, and always expresses how proud he is of his children and grandchildren and he encourages us to be united as one family.

He lives in his home in Meru and comes to visit often. He celebrated Christmas with us last year, and I was shocked at how frail he had become, his posture was no longer straight and his voice was barely a whisper.

He was diagnosed earlier this year with throat cancer, right about the time Micheal Douglas went into remission with his throat cancer. He had a tumor in his throat and that was what made his voice barely audible.

My grandfather moved into my uncle’s home so that he would start radiotherapy and treatment for the cancer.

When I heard about his diagnosis, I was really sad because he is such a wonderful man and it killed me that this was happening to him. Someone his age may not be strong enough to fight this battle..

I am human and I am selfish and this news just fed my fears. I am now deathly afraid of cancer now that it seems to be in my family *sigh*.

Anyhoosmu, I have been praying for him ever since I heard the news, I always thank God for letting him see yet another day, and pray that he gets the strength to fight this cancer.

Sadly, he is getting weak, I am afraid and I refuse to accept the fact that he may be loosing this battle.



So today I keep stumbling upon things that remind me of the fact that he has cancer, and it brings me to tears and it makes me want to do something.

I do not want him to suffer, I do not want him to die, and I do not want to be grandparentless 😦

To contribute and help those with the ability to fight cancer win the battle.

It is sad that a personal experience has made me want to fight, and I do not want him to die before I try doing something…

So wherever you are join us in whispering a prayer for my grandfather, and every other cancer patient.

Thanking you in advance,




8 thoughts on “The Fighting

  1. sometimes I wonder if it wouldve been a better situation if ny grandfather had been sick so we could be prepared for his death. His was an accident 😦 Just be happy that hes still breathing

    • My condolences about your grandpa, it is particularly hard when you do not see it coming..
      The worst part about this situation is, you see it coming but you do not really want to believe it, I keep praying for a change but nothing seems to be changing.
      He is breathing, but he is really suffering 😦

  2. i feel you , i have been there with my mum. your prayers and presence will give him strength in this fight. The Lord is your strong shoulder to lean on , let Him ease your hurt and wipe your tears. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your grandfather .

    • That must have been really hard for you and your family.
      Thank you so much for the prayers, it is all in God’s hands now.

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