1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers 🙂

July is just a month for craziness, it is always epic!

June Highlights

My driving skills really improved this month which is great, I feel more confident on the road.

My cousin graduated and got a job and I am so happy for him.

Finally finished a project that I had been working on (yes I am tres proud of my project.)

Got to watch Just A Band perform live at Blankets and Wine and I had so much fun.

June Downsides

This month started out terribly, I am sure you even noticed I did not even get to do that edition of 1st if the month.

Anyhoosmu, I do not feel like dabbling in the details, I will just say things are totally different now and I am back to where I was before.

This month has been coupled with so much drama, and right now I just want peace which I am already attaining.

June Discoveries

I became that chic I had never wanted to become.

It sucks when you make so many sacrifices and they go unnoticed.

I need to be more in control.

It is good to let go and let God take the wheel.

What I look forward to in July

The endless birthday celebrations this month.

Trying to grow by changing the things I learnt about myself that I did not like.

How was the month of June for you? What do you look forward to in July?



2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. And ran into baby sister at Blankets and Wine HELLO???

    Lol I just got your text but I’m broke and I’m too lazy to leave the house so HIIII!!! =) Yes, left Twitter, but started a new blog and started emailing like crazy! Will you email me…? =]

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