‘I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.’

*Insert Morgan Freeman voice*

I have never watched the movie Invictus, but for some reason these words just resonated in my head today morning.

I always keep wondering how I am meant to know what God’s plan and purpose for me is in this world. Should I wait for a sign? A push in the right direction? How do you know what a sign is?

I would like to believe God lives through me, and he will direct me towards the right path. He is the driving force behind my every decision.

Thus therefore everything that I do, every course that I choose to take, be it the right one or wrong one, must be enforced by the Lord Almighty.

I am kind of at a crossroads right now, I have no idea where I am, what I am doing and where I am going in many areas of my life, but one area particularly bothers me.

Today may be a difficult day for me, I cannot even hope for something awesome to happen because many other emotions are clogging that ability.

This is a reminder of joy, happiness, contentment, fun, sadness, tears, failure, hope, loss, fear, excitement, luck, hopelessness and many other emotions which are driving me nuts right now. Anyway I will try not to focus on the past, and to think positive.

I noticed people seem to expect a lot from me. I wish they knew how much I expect from them as well, I cannot always be expected to step up.

Pride is a terrible thing…

Good things must happen today, it is after all humpday 🙂 Wherever you are I hope you are smiling.

He has such a cute smile






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