My day with the elephants

Remember during last week’s TGIFriday’s post I mentioned how I was looking forward to doing something really cool this weekend?

Well a friend of mine invited me to go see baby elephants with her at The David Sheldrick Wild Life Trust on Saturday morning. The trust is situated at the KWS Banda School gate, towards Rongai and the session is usually held between 11am and 12pm.

We got a bit late and arrived there at about 11:30am, and we found the place was packed! Entry fee is 500 Kshs per person and it is advisable to go there with some form of identification.

I was really excited about going there, I originally thought I would get to interact one on one with the baby elephants, get to feed them and play with them. This was sadly not so, there were so many people, it was a struggle to get to the front of the line.

Nonetheless, the baby elephants were cute, adorable and spectacular! Turns out they have hair, all around the trunk and towards the ears. They have tough skin, and an affinity to small children as some of them tried touching them with their trunks.

At the watering hole

I was waiting for it to take flight

Look at all the people

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Time to say bye bye

It nearly grabbed that kid

Time to say bye bye

(photos taken by my trusted Blackberry 🙂 I think I should christen it now that I love it so much)

These baby elephants are so intelligent. When it was time for them to go back to their pens, all the wardens had to do was to clap their hands and the elephants formed a line and walked back to their pens!

Moral of the story, there are very many cool unique things Nairobi has to offer, you should take some time out to explore Kenya.

And if you are looking for a white man, this is the place to visit 😉



4 thoughts on “My day with the elephants

  1. Judging by the number of white people there.. I’d say those who are looking for white boyfriends now have a hunting ground!

    Sure would love to see those elephant babies sometime! And your camera is quite okay! So what will you name your BB?

    • You should have seen me trying to spot the hotties 🙂
      My camera does not have a flash which really saddens me, but at least it does a good job in broad daylight.
      I am still coming up with a sensual name to portray just how close to my heart this phone is.

    • There were very few Africans, in fact I suspect the ones who were there were their tour guides. Tell your friends, we cannot let such beauty go to waste.

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