7 more things to love about me

So Miss Kawiria graciously tagged me in another post and now I have to come up with 7 quirky, cool things about myself which will entertain you and wow you with my awesomeness.

  • I received a blood transfusion when I was a kid. I once heard somewhere if you have ever received blood you cannot donate? This cannot be true right? On the same note, I have never donated blood, not because of the reason I have just stated, I dunno I have just never done it before. But it’s something I must do very soon, it’s only fair…
  • I pee a lot. I even went to get checked out by a doctor, but apparently it’s my body being healthy and what not.
  • I also do not like people hearing what I am doing in the bathroom. I find it embarrassing and I really wish bathroom stalls could be made sound and smell proof.
  • The one thing I love the most about my body is my face. Though stupid zits are threatening to scar it, I think it’s not too shabby.
  • I love butterflies, not as much as Mariah Carey, that woman is obsessed. I just like butterfly jewellery, designs and if I was ever to get a tattoo, it most probably would be of a butterfly.
  • I am not a fan of Vanilla. Not that I hate it, it’s nice and all, but it is so bland. I do not understand why you would pick vanilla when there is such a wide assortment of flavours with much more razzle dazzle.
  • I am a very observant person. I will notice your new threads, new hairdo, how you pair your outfits. I can tell you what you wore every day last week. I remember the last thing you wore when I last saw you. I am not only observant when it comes to physical appearances, but behavioural patterns as well. I cannot really expound on the behavioural bit but it is largely based on social networks and social habits.

Let us see whether Savvy, I am Surburbia, I just said that, Rockhead, My turkish delight, Skewed lines and Vaalentia can top that 🙂 Tag you’re it!!

Kisses and oreos,

9 thoughts on “7 more things to love about me

  1. Well on your first, I agree, its good to give back
    . On your second and third ….eh, enough said!
    If you say your pretty then you must be, though a picture would help.
    Your right on the icecream, why settle for bland with all that variety around?
    On your last, what are you? A female Sherlock Holmes?

  2. I LOVE vanilla!! love it to death!! apart from a taste of some minty thing chocolate icecream, vanilla is the only ice cream I have had in almost a year..:)

    I knew ALL these things apart from the first one(the transfusion receiving part) I demand my own list 🙂 and yes @morethanwords this babe is muy bonita!!!

    • I’d never told you about the transfusion?? It’s good to know I am still full of surprises!
      Madam you go abroad and eat vanilla icecream?! Really? You haven’t even had a Mcflurry at McDonalds?!
      Thanks 🙂

  3. I am just seeing that you tagged me now! When I saw this post I knew I was definitely gonna tag you, a case of great minds think alike much? 🙂 I agree you do have a pretty face :p But vanilla is tamu? 😦 Nice post!

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