Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!!!!


I have been dying for this week to end, because honestly, it has really sucked major behind.

Today I Am Feeling

kinda wary, my Friday’s do not rock as much as they should, as a result the only thing that I like about this day is the fact that the week is over. Otherwise, it seems to suck..

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Just the way you are ~ Bruno Mars first song I heard this morning.

This Weekend I

wonder what is gonna happen……

I am really craving

Courtesy of Justbeckss twitpic

I am dying for yoghurt from planet yoghurt at the junction. I want coconut, chocolate, vanilla and water melon yoghurt, with cookies, chocolate sprinkles, grapes and gummy bears. Why the hell is that cow show going on, I cannot brave that Ngong Road traffic to get a fix today 😦

I wish

le sigh….. I have to many things to wish for, I will leave it in God’s hands.

I hope

my efforts will not go unnoticed and will not be in vain.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘A commitment to excellence will enable you to attain the success you seek.’

I found the Top 40 at 40 women in Kenya really inspiring, they are a bunch of exceptional women, hopefully I will be able to achieve such greatness in the next few years. Click here to be equally inspired.

Have A Fantastic Friday!!

Kisses and cookies,



2 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!!!

  1. that yoghurt looks NYUUMM!!!! I waant!! I pray you get all the things you were wishing for to the very last one..and then a million other beautiful things you could only hope for!! 🙂

    and I feel you on the top 40 under 40 🙂 #fingerscrossed 🙂

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