Beyonce ~ who run’s the world creativity fail

There is this friend of mine who always shares the coolest music links on Facebook. I stumbled upon this youtube link which justified my original sentiments about Beyonce’s latest single.

First up, she used the instrumental for popular dance hall track ‘Pon de floor’ then I discover like the whole intro dance was done by some African group! Really B, you can do better than that!!


10 thoughts on “Beyonce ~ who run’s the world creativity fail

  1. I’m no aficionado of pop music, but honestly speaking at this rate I have to say that Rebecca Black was ahead of the curve….And now, thanks to Beyonce, we know what mediocrity with a massive budget will get ya…Good Job.

    • I have the sudden urge to listen to this Friday song again. I only listened to it once and rubbished it, but I think I need to give it another listen to justify why I hate it 🙂

    • Ok I had heard a story like that, but that video looks really old like it was done in the 80’s or 90’s, the guys in her video look like they were born in the 90’s :p

  2. I dont like the beyonce vid, period. found some of the choreography lacking . but one could argue that it is creative in the form of embracing her african roots and potray her culture . . . which is admirable

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