Mindless Monday Banter

Today’s shocking revelation, Rashida Jones (From Boston Public, I love you man, The Social Network) is Quincy Jones’s How do you pluralise names already in plural?! daughter!

She looks so Caucasian with her pretty hazel eyes, I would have never guessed she was of African American descent.  Plus she also got her father’s musical genes as she sang back up for Maroon 5 once upon a time.

It gets better, her sister was engaged to Tupac Shakur!

I also got another reminder that time is really moving fast, and I am growing old. Looks like I am not the only one, look at the metamorphosis of Angus T Jones, popularly known as Jake from 2 and a half men.

From an adorable little chubby boi


To this trim svelt young man


Angus is now 16 years old, imagine that! They really should change the show to 3 men already. I cannot wait to see how Ashton will fit into the show because I still do not understand how he will be Allan’s older brother!

Photo By Kevin Burg

Peek-a-boo I see you 😉

How amazing is this picture? I stumbled upon some really awesome sights featuring work by some very talented photographers. Stay tuned for more 🙂

This has really been the longest Monday ever, I am so sleepy!!

I had those weird arithmetic like dreams again last night. It is not really arithmetic, but it involves numbers that I think about and anticipate over and over again in my dreams. They never make sense, but even though I am asleep I fee apprehensive as I wait for the numbers to ‘occur’ again.

I have noticed a disturbing trend on twitter, people do not seem to know what awkward moments are. They tweet about things that are just weird and not necessarily awkward. This needs to die!

Anyway here’s hoping that this week will not drag as much as today has.


3 thoughts on “Mindless Monday Banter

  1. Ashton will manage it. If he acts as Alan’s other retarded brother. Worst choice to replace Charlie. #ThatAwkwardMoment is the most abused TT on Twitter. People just post for the sake of it.

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