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Prayers are considered as a form of communication between ourselves and God. We do it simply as an act of  blind faith because we cannot see God, we do not get any verbal response from him and we do not have any direct contact with him.

Yet millions of people pray to him everyday, every hour and every minute.

Prayer helps us form a relationship with God, it is a way of reaching out to him, worshiping him and giving thanks.

There is no greater feeling than realizing that God has answered your prayers. Whenever that happens to me, the experience renews my faith in God and the miracle of prayer. It makes me want to pray more and to pray harder.

I have been praying for a relative of mine for a while now. She had been diagnosed with something serious, but after seeking a second opinion abroad, they told her she was fine and she had no problems. I found out about that this morning, and I was really stoked about it.

This also made me want to tell the world that, someone somewhere out there is praying for you, and you have no idea.

Like this relative of mine, we are not even close, I do not have her cellphone number, and we have not spoken in years. Yet I always tried to keep her in my prayers every time I talked to God.

You may be going through something, or experiencing doubts in your faith, maybe you do not even believe in a higher power, but never doubt the fact that someone is keeping you in their prayers even if you are not necessarily praying. That doesn’t mean you don’t pray though


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