1st of the month

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April Highlights

Of course the best thing about this month was the really long weekends and the 4 day weeks #FTW.

Did I say that was the best thing? Scratch that I mean one of the best things about this month is my newly acquired blackberry curve. I am in love and strongly addicted. It feels like the world is on my finger tips. Every single shilling I spent on it was totally worth it!

My pal flew in from the UK and I got to see her which was cool, wish she had stayed longer though.

I am at a very happy place in my life right now 🙂

This is a different, new kind of happiness, which apparently is written all over my face because people seem to see it.

I have had the opportunity to make new friends, visit new places, it has been fun and exciting.

April Downsides

Some friends of mine lost loved ones, I am sure it has not been easy for them, but I pray for God to give them comfort.

My eating habits have become terrible!!! So bad I am thinking of getting an eating disorder!

April Discoveries

It is best to keep things to yourself.

Follow your instincts.

I need to keep praying for patience.

I think I need to become more strong willed, some people like taking advantage of my niceness.

What I look forward to in May

Right now my life seems to be full of surprises so I am ready for anything.

How was the month of April for you? What do you look forward to in May?


12 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. Fare thee well April, i gave u all u asked of me while i denied myself so many things but May here i come & all i’m asking from u is just fun…hope u’ll give me both today’s and tomorrow’s satisfaction!

  2. Define eating disorder 😛 May started with exams but keeps looking up though I got to learn the hard way how disappointing it is to have someone you considered a friend (for like a whole year!!!) turn out to be a two bit con artist…emphasis on artist.

    • I have no definition as yet :p
      Sorry about the con artist, you need to give more details on that story. But most importantly, it must not have been a pleasant experience for you 😦

  3. am sooo happy 4 u!!!!! thas wat happens wen u get the right man!!!!! as for me i just keep meeting jerks…and even worse its lyk they get jerkier so to say!!!

    • Don’t worry love those jerks are there to help you recognize who the good men are once they come your way.

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