Thank God It’s Friday!!!


My apologies for skipping this post last Friday, well, I was on holiday 🙂 and once again, the whole world gets another holiday this weekend, how awesome is that?!

I am excited about

3 whole days of weekend 🙂

Today I am Feeling


My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Baby Please Dont Go by Mike Posner who is now the new host for Pimp My Ride. The dude needs to do something about his side burns, they are tres weird o.O

This Weekend I

will chill and see what plan pans out.

I am really craving

A Fascinator


This whole Royal Wedding frenzy was good for one thing, I finally learnt the names of this head gear. I have always wanted one but the cool ones I saw costed a lot at 4U2 I think.

I am also really digging Cheryl Cole’s tattoo in this picture, it is so unique.

I wish

I had listened to my gut and followed my instincts 😦

I hope

this blows over -_-

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘All things are difficult before they are easy.’

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!

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