It’s over

Today, Holy Thursday officially marks the last day of lent. It’s been an insane 40 days, I can honestly say my life has really changed.

Reading through this post about lent has made me realize just how far I have come.

I have come closer to God, managed to go to church every week, which is quite the fete trust me. I do feel bad though because I prayed for someone daily, yet they passed away, so I won’t lie I am a bit confused about that. I guess I can only trust the fact that God had some grand master plan and it was his time.

As for the men I was referring to, the fast worked in the sense that they have been completely flushed out of my system. I barely give them a minutes thought.

Turns out it is true what they say, to get over someone, get under someone else. Not literally


As for not eating meat on Friday’s, I managed successfully for like 2 Fridays. Other days, I honestly tried really hard not to eat meat, then after the sun set, during the hour of darkness I somehow ended up forgetting and indulging. The devil really tempted me a good one because the meat that was thrown my way!!!? I never stood a chance.
I tried to stop partying, or should I say I reduced a bit, circumstances could not allow, going cold turkey is not as delicious as it sounds.
The only things I successfully abstained from were Twitter and Facebook, I did not even log in once!!

Lent was really cool this time round, life changing even. It also seems like I inspired others to follow the same route 🙂

Next year I must do it again!


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