This picture speaks to me


Free Falling


This picture depicts my current state of mind and it speaks to me in numerous ways. The following thoughts emanated from staring at this photo:

  • I am still infatuated with Rihanna, her sense of style is just superior.
  • Where will I find the perfect shade of red lipstick??
  • My roses are about to bloom.
  • If I plucked the petals, half my bed would be covered in flowers.
  • Rihanna’s tattoo is so beautiful and unique.
  • It’s like I am free falling, enjoying the journey because there is a bed of roses to land on, yet wary because rose stems have thorns.
  • Tutus are so girly and pretty.
  • Life is a trip, stop and smell the roses.
  • I’d rather sleep on a bed of roses than be where I am right now.
  • You can either look at a rose and admire it’s beautiful petals, take a whiff of it’s lovely smell, or prick your fingers with the thorns on it’s stem. Same applies to life, you can either be positive and revel at the good things it has to offer or concentrate on the bad.
  • Tendering a garden requires a lot of hard work, a rose garden in particular needs a lot of attention. If you neglect it, the roses will wither and die.
  • Red is such loud, vibrant, gripping color.

Does this picture speak to you too?


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I am the life of parties I have never attended. I live vicariously through myself.

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