Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

The dawn of every weekend always makes me tres happy!!

I am excited about

my next purchase which is taking forever to get here, hence why I will not get into details because I think I am jinxing it. I will feel you guys in once I get my hands on it.

Today I am Feeling

a myriad of different feelings, happy, filled with dread, trying to stay positive and a bit excited..

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I love LMFAO, this should be the video of the year. I felt like running to the bathroom to go try do that dance, which is now my new mission, to learn it so that every day I’m shuffling 😉

This Weekend I

do not have any solid plans, I am loose like a goose.

I am really craving

ummmhh does the fact that I am taking so long to think of something mean I am craving nothing??

I wish

I could have a positive attitude, and actually feel it instead of trying to convince myself that it is how I should be.

I hope

my dissatisfaction doesn’t show on my blank face.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!!


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