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the boys are at it again

The trailer for the sequel to the hit movie The Hangover is out now. Check it out here.

I am a bit disappointed that the story line is still based on the events on the eve of a wedding. I was hoping for something different, but nonetheless the poster makes the movie look very promising. And why does Stu keep damaging his face? First a broken tooth, now a tattoo on his face? Dude should be wearing a helmet when he is kicking it with the boys.

Notice how much it resembles this tattoo?

Yeah Mr Mike Tyson makes an appearance again in the sequel, I cannot wait to find out what goes down between him and the wolf pack.

Liam Neeson also has a role in the movie as a tattoo artist (I am assuming he is responsible for maiming Stu’s face) which was a role originally meant to be for Mel Gibson but given all the drama he has going on, the crew apparently protested. I really wish they had given him a chance, I think he would have killed it.

In other news, I am sure you have heard about Rebecca Black and her single Friday which went viral on Youtube garnering over 85 million views?

Seeing that the 14 year old is being dubbed as the next Justin Bieber, I decided to look for the song and take a listen.

The song is AWFUL!! It sucks so bad, I do not understand why it went viral. I cannot believing I am helping her get more views, but you need to take a listen for yourself so that you realize I am not just hating.

What is your honest opinion?? Kindly take this quick poll

I do not qualify as a certified Gleek, but that does not rule out the fact that I could be one. Their renditions of various songs are uber cool! In fact I think they even sound way better than the original versions. Their covers have made it to the Billboard hot 100 charts which got me wondering, they make money from these songs? Do the original singers get a cut of the earnings?

Anyhoosmu, recently Ryan Murphy one of the Glee co-creators cursed out Kings of Leon for refusing to license their music to the show. I think that was really unwarranted and unprofessional of him seeing that it is every musician’s right to decide whether they wanted their music featured on the show or not. Maybe the situation just got out of hand, you be the judge and read the story here.

My current favorite Glee covers are Bills, bills, bills, Toxic, The Only Exception and Thriller heads will roll. The list is so small because I am sure I haven’t listened to all their songs. I think I need to get like all the seasons of this show. I know dudes think this show is kinda fruity, but us girls know you secretly love it šŸ˜‰

Over and out!


5 thoughts on “Entertainment Jibber Jabber

  1. I have never watched Glee or listened to their songs but it is foolish of that guy to hate on Kings of Leon. #ThatIsAll

  2. That rebecca black chic has to be the laziest performer ever ati “.. today is friday tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwards……”she sucks balls!

    • Ha ha ha that’s what she says? I just heard the song for a few seconds and rubbished it. You know she is about to hit 100 million views? Apparently she garners the most hits on Fridays in youtube smh.
      If she can release such crap, I think we should give it a try to!

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