21st May 2011 ~ The end of the world??

The first thing that caught my eye this morning on my way to work was this newly mounted billboard talking about how the world is ending on 21st May 2011 by some Christian Radio.

I had already seen this billboard last year near Globe Cinema Roundabout and I rubbished it.

Is this organisation trying to get people to log onto their site by creating mass hysteria? Does it mean if we log in, the world will not end?? I really do not understand what they are trying to achieve with this billboard.

I believe it is a load of crap, but they still managed to freak me out so early on a Monday morning. Judgement day is nothing to joke about or something to try and profit from. The whole concept of the world ending has always been a scary subject for me. I have never even read the book of Revelation in the bible, and I doubt I ever will. I do not remember how I felt about the world ending at the onset of the new millennium, I think I was too preoccupied with K.C.P.E and the awesome New Year celebrations.

I have always wondered what kind of person I will be the day the Lord returns. Will I have lived the life Christ had wanted me to live? We are all sinners one way or another so I am sure I am not the only one with doubts as to whether the bouncers at the golden gates will let us in or freeze us.

If the world really is ending on May 21st 2011, then time is running out and there are still so many things that I have not yet done. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to come up with a bucket list.

Have you watched the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey? I always get encouraged every time I watch that movie, I have seen it like almost five times now and each time I vow to become a Yes Woman, to say yes to every opportunity that is thrown my way within a heartbeat.

The problem with me is that I over-think and really analyse everything. I look at a situation, consider all the factors involved and how they would be affected, and basically consider their reactions more seriously than my own.

If the world is ending in the next 2 months, then screw over thinking and other people’s opinions, time to look out for number one and use that energy to seek every opportunity that comes my way. That billboard will become a daily reminder to live my life to the fullest, regardless of whether the world will end or not.

I will write a post on my bucket list once I am done constructing it, feel free to share yours if you have one.



14 thoughts on “21st May 2011 ~ The end of the world??

  1. The world is not ending any time soon! No one knows when it will end. But that’s a good attitude, living each day fully!

    I had a bucket list for last year, things to do before I finish campus and I did most of them.

    This year’s bucket list includes: learning how to ride a bike, a motorbike, driving a car, learning French and playing the piano. Let’s not forget traveling EA and securing a place at a university of repute for my Masters next year. So far, I’ve learned to ride a motorbike, I have enough books to start my French and I’ve been to Ug n Rwanda as part of my EA tour

    • I was also wondering what makes these people so sure that they know when the world as we know it will end!
      I like your bucket list, and it’s very commendable that you have already started achieving some of them. The motorbike lessons are the coolest, I hope you’ve already started shopping for a hot biker chic outfit!!
      Alors on danse made me interested in French again because the rap sounds so good, but the male and female verbs scare me :p
      I will be waiting for the invite to your 1st piano recital 🙂 All the best!

  2. 21st May is sevens finals in edinburgh if I remember correctly…and its AFTER my exams…these churches need to predict a date that will be helpful to me…and right now I don’t see how missing sevens will be helpful at all…hee hee

    and savvy is right, the bible says no one knows the day or the time so for a church to be predicting the date to such exactness means they need to put away their ouiji/wiji/ouija boards and grab a bible every now and again..

    • It may also be someones birthday that day, I just don’t remember whose.
      That Ouija board they are using must be broken, but I am using this as an excuse to wild out before May 21st so coming up with an itinerary seems like the fun thing to do.

  3. Who the fuck said world is ending…. Stop smoking weed you guys . Nothing is going to happen apart from some shyt here and dere..!!!

  4. Is it a joke or what? World was not created in a day and will not get destroyed in a day too. I do respect The Bible,but not this concept…

    • I do not think the bible says this, but I am no biblical expert..
      I choose not to believe that the world will end!

  5. HAHAHHA this is so funny, the end of mankind as we know it on 21 May 2011, on my B-day… I was born 1982/05/21 so I must enjoy the super rugby games tomorow, have a few beers and go out with a bang…hahahaha What allot of crock this end of the world stuff…
    Nobody knows when it will happen and how it will happen, all that I know is that we all need to live for the moment and not for what is gonna happen tommorow or what happened yesterday… If you are religious, have a good relationship with your maker trust in your God, Me as a Christian I am ready if the Lord wants to come and fetch me, I am ready… are you?

  6. Less than 24 hours to go, i think i am going to grab a beer.

    its all a load off bull, come on, have you nothing better to do ? how many of these “predictions” world gonna end have there been ? 100 ? 200 ? 1000…
    if you really belive it, put a gun to your head, then your world has ended

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