Tried and Tested

Photo from A Practical Approach To Temptation

As I embarked on my numerous fasts with the onset of lent, I had this feeling that I would face a lot of temptation from all directions. This feeling was precipitated by the fact that every time I resolve not to do something, I end up doing it with even more pomp. Yes, just like every other human being, I am weak. Worst part about it is, there is usually an audience witnessing my fall from grace *hangs head in shame*.

Anyway so the universe is throwing all sorts of things at me, that I am meant to be staying away from.

Last Friday my dad decides he is going to buy nyamachoma (he isn’t Catholic) and it looked soo delicious, resisting was extremely hard but I managed to overcome it.

The man fast is not going as planned either. I have been good, no doubt about that, but I am getting attention from this one particular guy. I wish I could figure out what exactly it is he wants from me, and what I am willing to give. The situation could be complicated, okay, I think it’s a bit complicated but I am just intrinsically an over thinker, but in this case I am positive it will spring forth a situation, be it now or in the future. But otherwise he seems really swell and I am already being surprised with gifts which hasn’t happened in a while so I think I may just bask in it.

Then there is this other guy, whom I ended up seeing today to my chagrin (o_O). There isn’t anything really wrong with him, it’s just that there is  nothing exciting about him. The conversations we have, if I can even call them that, consist of ‘Hi? How are you? Weko? who says that?! Are you asleep?’ #yawn. He is lucky that I am such a nice person, I really wish I was a female dog, I would have just told him to leave me alone or ignored him.

Which begs the question, how do you get these funny dudes off your back?! Think in the lines of How to Loose a guy in 10 days. So far what I have come up with are:

  • Call him and get all up in his face till he gets suffocated and goes running scared. My problem with this is that he may actually like the fact that I am being responsive so it could backfire on me. I am not willing to take the risk.
  • Only speak in baby talk.
  • Throw in the fact that I have a ‘boyfriend’ though I also think this may not work in my favor.

Please feel free to send me more suggestions.

I am also learning that it is best to stay away from people’s boyfriends and exes, though I have no idea how this will be done seeing that everybody is someones ex or significant other. I guess people need to deal with the fact that the world is small, and you cannot control who interacts with who.

Anyhoosmu the only things which I am sure I will totally abstain from during this period are social networks and booze as long as I stay away from certain people which may be tricky.

I have been going for Mass often which is really delicious food for my soul, and I am learning a lot. The things that have stood out for me the most are that we should all try to be as holy as the Lord, and learn to love him with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our mights.

Sometimes I feel like there is a tattoo on my forehead reading ‘Tempt Me’. I guess for now all I can do is pray for the strength to resist all these things that tempt me.


2 thoughts on “Tried and Tested

  1. Oh dear!!! You are my hero right now, coz the last time I fasted (I am not catholic) is like a 100 years ago. The fact that you want to resist temptation, is a good thing. Bible says, “…resist the devil and he will flee from you!” Keep at it, you will overcome 🙂

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