Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

I cant wait to sleep in tonight!!! Sleep never seems to be enough!

I am excited about

taking a chill pill this weekend, it’s been a long time coming.

Today I am Feeling

Carefree and nonchalant


My Funky Friday Theme Song Is


Hurricane ~ 30 seconds to mars feat Kanye West



This Weekend I

have many promises to fulfill, still trying to figure out how. But I am looking forward to spending my Saturday night in.

I am really craving


Mary's natural luscious hair



I stumbled upon Mary’s Blog The Natural Girls Guide To Beauty today and it’s so cool. Reading it has made me wish I had the guts to cut off my hair and rock a fro as beautifully as these girls do. The blog has such cool tips on beauty, make up, hair and if you are a girly girl you will definitely love it!

I wish

my blog would be a better source of inspiration. I highly doubt I leave you readers wanting to change yourselves once you are done reading this is your cue to jump and re-assure me that I do, even if I don’t because your such cool people 🙂

I hope

traffic starts easing up soon. I leave the house at 6:15am and get to my destination after an hour!! What is going on?

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.’

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!



2 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!!

  1. being one of the few natural haired people I know lemme weigh in on the natural hair challenge …..

    I have softer hair than most people with natural hair so when I blow dry it out it looks relaxed…I also wish for the beautiful curly fros that I see on youtube videos and websites and such but I think the results of washed out fro’d natural hair are very varied and deeply depend on the type of hair you have…

    that said,its super cheap to have natural hair..and saving money to buy clothes is not so bad 🙂 I will attempt to do the fro wash and go one day,maybe even henna ..attempt..

    and as for inspiring us to do inspire me to write..I dont know where you get it but when my blog grows up….. 🙂

    • My hair was rarely open when It was natural, I always had it braided so I barely remember whether it was easy to manage or not. All I remember was that whenever I went to get blow dried it never used to straighten enough. So I asked my mother about how easy it was to manage my hair, and apparently it wasn’t 😦 So I will just have to stay with it like this..
      But like I said, I will live vicariously through you 🙂

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