Chipsability Matrix

As I look at some of the choices I make and actions I partake in when it comes to men, I too wonder what the hell I was thinking! Some things are inexplicable, or some men just have mad game, I have no idea. This is my attempt to try figure out the reasons for my lack of better judgment, or opportunities that men take advantage of when it comes to women.

What makes women fall for advances from men?


Women love and thrive on attention, especially from the opposite gender. Majority of the things women do is a ploy to get attention, be it the manner in which we dress, the way we style our hair, the way we walk, the way we talk etc etc.

Single women are really starved of attention so they will welcome it with open arms from whatever direction. Women who are spoken for, but for one reason or another their partner seems to be ignoring them, will also crave attention and will notice any man who seems interested in her, just to get a taste of what she has been missing.

Women, we are our own worst enemies. Women will brag about how wonderful their men are to their girl friends, by parading their men around, giving every little detail of their wonderful lives as a couple. When men trade stories of their conquests, they stick to the good stuff, it’s usually very basic, while women like to divulge every little intimate detail. There is a reason why we are so good at gossip. After hearing how magnificent man X is, there are some conniving women who would do whatever it takes to have him. If man X showed even a glimmer of interest, woman Y would jump into the box immediately!

There is also that phenomenon whereby human beings find themselves inclined to want what they cannot have. Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest.

On the same note, women will also be curious about men with reputations, be it about how well he performs, how he is endowed, or if he is known to be monogamous and is famed for treating women right. They say that there is always some truth to every rumor; women will want to discover if he really is the truth.

Sometimes it may just be curiosity of the unknown, discovery of fresh talent 😉

Flattery goes a long way. If your game is tight and you know just the right words to say, just the right way to caress, it may be lucky your lucky day. Wining, dining and various other forms of chivalry (which otherwise currently seem to be dead) definitely works in a man’s favor. Currently the most popular form of chivalry seems to be free drinks, which men are commonly offering women but still complaining about it. Though I wonder why when it seems to be working for them. Ladies do not accept offers to be bought for Smirnoff Black Ice, especially if they are bought in multiples.

A woman who feels unappreciated may decide to go look for a man who will, or if one comes knocking she may just open the door. I think women are very faithful and loyal, they do not cheat unless given a reason to, or they are searching for something they are lacking in their current relationships. We will cross the fence to get to the other side where the grass is greener.

Is there any woman out there who does not have self esteem issues?! No girl is satisfied with how they look and they are constantly working hard to do something about it like exercise, make up, clothes and various other measures. I think any woman will respond to a man who succeeds at stroking her ego and making her feel good about herself, beautiful, desirable, and wanted.

Women are weakest when they are vulnerable. They may submit to men who know how to spot this and take advantage of it.


Loneliness is also a big factor. Nobody wants or likes to be alone, so people take any chance they get to interact with the opposite gender. This comes hand in hand with boredom. It’s always exciting meeting new people and interacting with them.

Women have very strong influences over each other; we value each others opinions and are constantly seeking approval from other women. If a guy gets the stamp of approval from your girls, then it’s all systems go, if not, that story is so dead.

In my opinion some men have mastered and perfected the art of the chase. They will pursue a woman regardless of whatever obstacles may come his way like his girlfriends, her boyfriends, resistance etc, with such vigour that despite the situation a woman just finds herself submitting to him.

Finally, women are just like other living creatures, we have needs that need to be fulfilled.


3 thoughts on “Chipsability Matrix

    • Our friends can really influence in various ways. I once made a negative comment about some guy and from then on my pal stopped liking him lol. I learnt it’s better to keep my opinion to myself unless it is something that absolutely has to be let out.

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