Lent: What are you giving up?

March 9th marks the beginning of the period of lent. If i’m not wrong, Jesus fasted in the desert for forty days right? Yeah my religious knowledge is very rusty o.O Anyway what I do remember is that lent is about substituting a vice with something that will bring you closer to God.

Last year I had a man fast which was quite successful. It was more like adapting to the situation since there were no prospects whatsoever since I was super swamped with work at the time.

Well this year I have no idea what changed but I am in desperate need of a man fast. Many men have infiltrated my mind, some won’t seem to leave and it’s a constant struggle for me.

The worst part is these guys, yes plural, are always occupying my thoughts and I do not think I occupy their’s as much as they do mine. This is definitely a problem, and a clear sign that they are a waste of time.

What I need is to detox, and attempt to forget the softness of their lips, intensity of their eyes, the way their shirt fits so snuggly..

You see? I freaking need a time out and kill any thoughts I may conjure up of them. Unless of course it hits one of them that i’m the person they should be with (smh why am I one of those girls?)

Yes some of these men are forbidden fruit, I am a daughter of Eve and we all know how badly that story ended. I just do not want to lust after someone I cannot have. I deserve much better, and they could have had their shot but they blew it.

So in a nutshell, i’m staying away from 4 men this lent, wish me luck I really need it.

Then there is the usual fast for abstaining from eating meat every Friday. I wonder how that will go, hopefully it wont be a problem. Seeing that i’m a sweet tooth, my friend suggested I fast sugar. I will give that a try for maybe once a week.

If I haven’t yet mentioned this already, this year I have been quite the party monster. It’s been one endless streak of partying every weekend. I need a break and to get a hold of this because it’s a vice that springs forth other vices like drinking, over spending, loose lips, temptation, not to mention the fatigue. As much as I have fun, I am quite exhausted and so this is part of what I am giving up.

I am also giving up social networks. They are the source of all the dope parties that I should attend, said men mentioned earlier are nothing but a click away, it encourages procrastination and reduces productivity. The time, energy and money that I spend on social networks can be utilised elsewhere.

So i’m blogging about all this so that you guys can hold me against them. Hopefully I will manage to obstain from most of them, but there is one I already know that I may not.

The fast ends on Good Friday so wish me luck. I’m hoping to dedicate more of my time to God and emerge a better person.

What are you giving up this Lent?


7 thoughts on “Lent: What are you giving up?

  1. LOL seriously? The men? Hahaha. Jokes aside, I hope you’re able to pull through and succeed in your fast.
    I don’t really observe Lent so I can’t say I’m fasting from anything…

    • Yes, seriously lol Too many random shenanigans that just cause unnecessary confusion.
      I think I keep adding things to fast like soda (which I ended up drinking by mistake) and supposedly junk but I doubt I will do that 🙂

  2. Whoa those are loads of things to give up but so worth it!!!
    will keep checking how its going 😀
    i’m hoping to give up series/movie watching for more constructive passtimes at least for a while wish me luck 😀

  3. Lent is about spiritual nourishment.

    1: Prayer – draw us closer to the Lord
    2: Fasting – an aid to prayer
    3: giving alms – a sign of our care for those in need and an expression of our gratitude for all that God has given to us

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