Blogging Recipe: 10 essential ingredients


Kawiria tagged me in her Blogging 101 post to blog about the 10 lessons I have learned blogging.

Here are a couple of things that I have come to learn, and that I like practicing when it comes to blogging:

1. Aesthetics: You know the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’? Well I judge blogs by their appearance. I like reading blogs that are easy to manoeuvre, that have fonts that are easy to read, with interesting themes and pictures.

I hate monotony so I try to switch things up by sprucing up my blog every once in a while. I like trying out different themes, and I usually prefer themes with customizable backgrounds that I can change ever so often.

I totally hate the fact that wordpress doesn’t allow you to customise your own themes, that totally blows.

2. I almost always upload pictures for most of my blog posts. Pictures stimulate the mind, capture audiences, and helps bring out the whole idea of the post.

3. Let’s face it, blogging is all about the hits. Okay, it may not be the primary reason, but we write stuff for people out there to read. Google is your friend, do not under estimate its power. To garner more hits, write about stuff that is impacting the world, people making waves, issues that has everybody riled up and I guarantee that more people will be stumbling upon your blog. Social Media platforms are also great ways of spreading word about your blogs.

4. Information is power. I believe blogs should be about informing readers about different things be it about your life, the world or whatever that interests you that you think will pick their interests. It is even more profound if you actually write something that will have a positive impact on your readers. Last week I read blogs that actually made me reflect about my life and want to do something to change it. It got me thinking about how I probably do not achieve that effect with this blog, hopefully I will come up with something to change that..

5. There is probably a reason why you started blogging. Stay true to whatever goal you want to achieve, and do not lose sight of it unless you have come up with an even better goal.


6. Blogging platforms: In my personal opinion, if you do a lot of writing, Word Press is the best platform. It has a lot of handy features like comments moderation, comprehensive site statistics, media library which is a hub for all the pictures you have uploaded onto your site, search terms leading people to your blog, and various other handy features which you need to maintain your blog. It is also very easy for readers to comment on your posts, whether they have wordpress blogs or not. Tumblr also seems to be a great platform for artistic blogs allowing lots of customizations. I have not had the chance to get a feel of it as a blogger, but if I was to open another blog that would definitely be my platform of choice.


I started out at blogger and it was difficult to use, and it was not very handy when it came to management. As a reader I also prefer not to leave comments because the process of registering plus authenticating is so tedious, I’d rather not.

7. If you are having writers block, read other blogs to get that burst of inspiration. I get inspired by good bloggers, their posts inspire me to write better, to search for more content and ideas, and it doesn’t hurt to check out the competition. Just do not plagiarise : )

8. I think it is important to collaborate with other fellow bloggers. This will facilitate exchange of ideas, and exposure to different readers through guest posts. Face it, sometimes your readers will get bored always reading about what you have to say, so give them a treat.

9. Blog as often as possible. This clearly is no easy task. Posts like TGIFridays and 1st of the month help me blog more frequently, but ideally I would love to be doing 3 posts every week. I think it is also good to switch things up once in a while. Blog about something different rather than sticking to the norm. Predictability is very boring.

10. Be creative when coming up with blog post titles. This is what you will use to reel people in and make them read what you have written.

It is also a good idea to apply the tags that word press recommends while drafting your post. This will enable users to easily come across your blog while they browse through the tags.

So there you have it, the ideal ingredients needed for the perfect blogging recipe.

The Trot and the run, Lost in thot, Shiko – Msa, tag your it!!!


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