1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

2011 is  flying by really fast!! Still trying to decide whether I am happy about this or not..

February Highlights

I have had a blast in the past 28 days I must admit, especially during the weekends.

I met many new people who are already becoming my good friends in a short span of time.

Knowing me, I partied like a champion, every single weekend like it was running out of style smh. Either way, I have no regrets, just lots of fun memories with a side of exhaustion :p

I have a new place to go pass time at, breeze and throw away money at 🙂

February Downsides

I was meant to focus on myself, but I keep getting distracted by men.

I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation earlier in the month, that I did not particularly take a shine to. I just pray I do not find myself in such a situation again.

The grind has really been exhausting, I cannot wait for easter!

I got hopes I did not have, raised and dangled before my eyes, then yanked away after I had invested my energies. That has definitely put a dent on my ability to hope..

There is so much pressure (o.O)

February Discoveries

Silence is golden.

The single life is not as bad as people think 🙂

Note to self: Try not to get caught in the middle.

If you go looking for things, you will find them, and you may not like what you find.

What I look forward to in March

Some good old Rest and relaxation.

Lent begins next week on the 9th of March. I still feel extremely guilty about the fact that I still haven’t been to church this year 😦 Last year during lent I decided to give up men, I guess I was just fooling myself because it was quite the easy fete, my game must have been really down lol. Now I am even afraid of giving up men because if I declare that, I think they will hound me even more *chuckles*. Anyhoosmo, during this period of lent, I’d like to pray more, get in touch with my spirituality, deny my strong meat cravings on Friday’s and just be a better person.

How was your February? What do you look forward to this March?


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