Personal Ad: Selling yourself

I think there is a thin line between selling yourself and bragging. How do you portray yourself in a spectacular light without coming off as a braggart?

I do not think I would put up a dating ad, because most of the stuff I would spew on there would be what I know would be what you want to hear. Intrinsically that is the whole point of advertising, but I would prefer wowing you with things you would never expect, instead of having to conform to the traits I claimed to have in the ad.

Same thing applies for my blog, you may have noticed I rarely publicise my blog, and I disable my sharing buttons. I let my posts speak for themselves, and rely on you loyal readers to spread the word on my behalf. Seeing that Revealed is almost clocking 75,000 hits, you guys have done a good job, big up yourselves 🙂

As for twitter, I let my personality speak for itself and say whatever it is on my mind. Facebook on the other hand is totally about vanity.

An opportunity has presented itself precipitating the need for me to really sell myself dynamically in order for me to get what I want.

I honestly do not believe in using my looks to sell myself. Do not get it twisted, I am very beautiful if I do say so myself notice how that comes off like I am full of myself, thin line I tell you..

I prefer being creative in how I portray my intelligence and my abilities. I would never like to be stereotyped as one of those women who use their looks to achieve what they want. I would much rather prove myself by being diligent and let my actions speak for itself.

I need to be touched by an ingenious idea as soon as possible (o.O)


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