Of cupid’s day and things..


Today is when I am discovering that three ladies I know named Valentine were born on Valentines Day (o.O)

This year I had decided to play along on this Valentines Day hullabaloo, but it’s all easier said than done. I am totally not dressed in red *barf* I would never have managed to even if I had wanted to thanks to KPLC who ensured we woke up in darkness.

Do employees of KPLC ever experience blackouts? Aren’t these frequent blackouts a clear sign that whoever is responsible for this job performs very poorly?!

So at least I can report that I am not dressed in all black as I usually do, and I am not (yet) at all disgusted by the public displays of affection that this day precipitates.

I am weirded out by the fact that I am getting salutations from men in the form of ‘Happy Valentines Day’ to which I am giving the response ‘Good Morning.’ I do not know you in that way, yet alone love you so people need to get all this Valentines hysteria outta their heads.

I wish Valentine’s was end month, there are some amazing deals up for grabs that I wish would last till the end of February.

Long story short, this day is making me nervous and uncomfortable, it needs to end like now!

I had yet another fantastic weekend, of course coupled with awkward moments, I have been getting a ton of those since last weekend, and I have been handling them like a champion.

I was hit with many revelations this weekend, they include:

  • The most minor things can be deal breakers for me when it comes to men. Some of the things that irked me were smelly breath, thinning hair, resemblance to creepy weirdos, Nairobi West revellers, and students, just to mention a few things.
  • Be careful what you say because your words may be misconstrued and used against you by people you least expect to. Trust no one…
  • ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ This excerpt from The Lord’s Prayer (which is a prayer I need to whisper more often) really spoke to me. People have forgiving hearts, and thankfully I am one of those people, there is no room for hate or anger in my heart, and I am glad to know someone else who is just like me.
  • I love being single, relationships are too much work, I do not think I am ready for such responsibility, let me continue enjoying my freedom.
  • I need a car really really really bad.
  • If you are starved of male attention, just go for a rugby match, the testosterone levels are on overdrive, the men are so many and they cannot keep their eyes to themselves smh.
  • I had been yearning for proactive men, and the dose that I got was a tad bit too overwhelming. From men who indulge in mind games to very forward men, I have had enough (I have shibad). Hopefully I will get to meet a neutral man soon enough, otherwise I can do bad all by myself.
  • Do not dry nail polish using the hand dryer, it makes it bubble.
  • Always carry the spare shoes with you to the club while you are wearing heels, do not leave them in the car several blocks away.
  • The chicken for kenchic westlands is so yummo. The skin tastes like crispy chicken bacon, if such a thing existed.




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