Brand spanking new year :)


Forever Young!!


I am terrified of growing old, I have no idea what I will do when I turn the big three O, I predict a major mid life crisis lol.

From now on as far as I am concerned, I am twenty fine, if you want me to specify a number, I am sweet sixteen till I die 🙂

It’s been one long birthday weekend, quite memorable as usual the parts i remember 🙂 I love my birthday, I use it as an excuse to get anything I want.

I haven’t gotten much though but it’s no biggy I will focus on the bigger picture, good health, great family and friends and a wonderful life.

I had no resolutions this year, and as I reflect on last year, I had a pretty good time, triumphed over a few hardships, made some mistakes especially menwise but nothing major thank God, made very many friends, it was a spectacular year.

As I turn twenty fine, I really want to focus on me, develop myself, and learn to love myself a whole lot more.  I should definitely stop living for the moment, and become ambitious, and work towards something. I do not know what it is yet, but I am sure it will come to me soon enough.

Here’s to a brand spanking new year 🙂



6 thoughts on “Brand spanking new year :)

  1. Again…happy twenty fine-th birthday and lots more to come. Our bet for next year is still on and am hoping then al be around to be a catalyst.
    To chira up there…am giving away disaster points to whoever avails a photo of this lovely lady blacked out or doing Stallone movie impressions which I have on good authority that she did…disaster points, hit me up.

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