Irrelevant questions that need to die

Are you seeing anyone?

Are you in a relationship?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend??


These are the most irrelevant questions one can ask. I think they are irrelevant because most of the time, the response you will get will be a lie, or a fabrication of the truth. Even if you do give an honest response, it may not deter the intentions of the person who posed the question in the first place.

I know the question was precipitated by the need to discover what my current status is, and determine what strategy you will use to pursue me or find out if you stand a chance, and whether I am actually available and yours for the taking.

But I think if your game is tight, you will still pursue me regardless of what my situation is.  If I give in to your advances, then that should tell you the state of mind that I currently am in. If you really want me, then nothing should deter you from chasing after me, regardless of the fact that I am taken or available. Except of course if I tell you to stay the hell away from me and I want nothing to do with you.

To be honest, I suck at reading people, unless they are like an open book, I am really clueless in that area. But I believe someone can tell how someone else is responding to you while you interact with them.

If they are open to your flirtatious attempts, they will probably smile, flirt back, or encourage you to go ahead literally or by not stopping you. On the contrary, if they are not open to your advances, they will shoot your attempts down immediately be it subtly, politely or very sternly so that you do not even get it twisted. I know someone who has been in a relationship for a long time, and she does not give other men the time of day.

I think these reactions can be used to gauge whether someone is available or not.

This may not be a good depiction of their current relationship status, but at least it shows you stand a chance and that you may proceed with the pursuit… if you dare.

I met a guy this year who told me he was single, only to discover weeks later that he was in a serious relationship, with someone I knew! He went out of his way to make me believe he was single, that was the worst part. That experience definitely made me very wary about trusting people, and clearly it made the question in contention seem very meaningless and irrelevant.

I do not like being asked if I am single or not, I usually ask the person if it matters and if the response holds any water. I usually tell them that I am unavailable just to see what they will do with that piece of information. Most times that fact changes nothing and they continue pressing on. This makes me wonder why they asked me that question in the first place.

I am trying to think of witty retorts that I can use to respond to them, like ‘I am a swinger.’ Or ‘I am in an open relationship.’ I will definitely say things like I am bi or I swing for the other team just to see what their next move will be. Feel free to give me more suggestions..


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